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Helpful DJ Tips for your first novice DJ gig.

If you are ready to have your first gig out there in the world, here are some simple tasks you should consider doing. 

  • Find out what kind of music both your client is expecting and what type of crowd may be there. Don't be scared to ask. Always a great thing to be prepared. Some clients will tell you that they expect one kind of genre but when the event comes the crowd is so diverse and you don't have enough tools to compliment the other types of guests. If you have the time, go visit the venue if there are similar events taking place before your event. Go online and find out the most popular songs in that area and what genres are most popular. 

  • Once you figured out what kind of music is needed or wanted, ask your friends to come over. Give them about a 30 minute to an hour preview of what you have in store. Ask your buddies to be honest in their opinions of your song selections, song transitions, and ability to change from genre to genre. 

  • Make sure that the equipment you will be using for your first gig is compatible with your laptop (if you are using one). Make sure that the mixer, controller, or whatever platform you will be rockin' on is up to date and you have all the proper devices on hand. If you are not sure, take a look at the hardware specs on all the equipment you will be bringing to your event or whichever equipment is provided by your client. 

  • Put a mirror in front of you when you practice. If you do not have a mirror, film yourself practicing. Your crowd will feed off your personal vibe, not just off the music you will be playing. If you are shy, this is a perfect way to break out of your comfort zone. Don't keep on looking down at your set or your laptop. Look at the crowd and engage them. Your body language will help maintain a great visual focal point for the crowd. Even a little smile while you are DJing goes a long way. So watch yourself, and learn from yourself while rewatching your recorded film sessions or simply by what you see in the mirror.

  • DO NOT HIDE behind your laptop! I say again, DO NOT HIDE behind your laptop. You are in control of how your event will go. If all equipment is on point, there are no technical issues, you and only you will be the reason for your success that night. Hiding behind a laptop is a bad practice that leads to being timid in your transitions, engaging with the crowd, and that will show your audience that you are frightened being on stage and that is why you are hiding behind your laptop. Now put it to the side, or if you are tall enough don't crouch under it etc.  

DJ Streak - 02/22/2020

Effortless DJ Tips  

Here are some pretty straight-forward tips you should implement into your DJ preparation. 

  • Always bring 2 laptop chargers. I have seen other DJs in situations that their laptop charger would fail them at their event. If it being a torn cord or just fried, always bring a backup. You will be amazed how many DJs forget a secondary laptop charger and there isn't one around that is easily attainable. 

  • Bring an AUX cord with an additional device for your music. If your laptop crashes due to either bad RAM, someone spilling liquid on it, or for any reason have an extra device always plugged in your AUX mixer input and ready to go! I personally like having an iPad or a tablet with about 60gb-100gb of music. 

  • Have an emergency playlist ready in your additional device. Example, I have a playlist for different genres with different songs. This way if anything happens to your laptop, you can play a long track that you already prepared before-hand. You can thank me later. 

  • Also in that same category always have an extra cable for everything you need handy. Make sure you also have extra adapters, headphone jacks, and even a small little survival DJ toolkit that you can create yourself. Only you know what you need so make sure you pack it in a small compartment of your DJ bag and forget it's there. Then when the time comes, you are prepared for battle!

DJ Streak - 02/16/2020

Things you should consider in hiring your next DJ.

You should either have a conversation via video chat, phone call, or even in person with your "potential" DJ.

  • Either it be a DJ playing only background music to entertaining your guests at your wedding or event your DJ should always be prepared. Ask him/her some questions that may throw them off. You can usually tell if someone is professional on how fast and detailed they can answer your "what if this happens..." questions. 

  • Ask your DJ if he/she is covered with liability insurance. Most venues will not allow your DJ to event set up if they do not have liability insurance. 

  • When it comes to pricing is your "potential" DJ cheaper in rates then others? There is a saying in the industry (unknown but true) "Good DJs aren't Cheap! Cheap DJs aren't Good!" So if your DJ is surprisingly cheap, he/she might just want to do your event for exposure and not necessarily good enough to get the job done both on the skillset side of DJing and the technical side of DJing.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for referrals. Past clients who are usually happy with the service they paid for in the past would not mind referring their DJ to you.  

DJ Streak - 02/16/2020

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